Friday, April 13, 2012

Lying Lawyer Forgiven By Spouse And The Bar

An attorney who lied under oath in his own divorce proceeding has been publicly censured by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility.

According to the public censure:

During Respondent's own divorce, he responded to an interrogatory untruthfully and swore to the truthfulness of the answer. Respondent was deposed in the divorce action and testified that his answers to the interrogatories were truthful. He further untruthfully testified in response to detailed questions about the subject. When confronted with demonstrative evidence later in the deposition, Respondent admitted that he had been untruthful in his prior testimony. Respondent and his wife eventually reconciled, and the divorce action was dismissed.

Respondent lied under oath on at least three occasions about events that were material to the divorce action. Respondent's conduct was prejudicial to the administration of justice, dishonest, and repetitive. Respondent self-reported his conduct.

(Mike Frisch)

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