Monday, April 30, 2012

Board Recommends Disgrace Be Erased

It must the season of forgiveness.

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board has recommended the reinstatement of an attorney disbarred in 2003. While the board majority acknowledged that the petitioner failed to satisfy reinstatement criteria that included compliance with the order of disbarment, it found "good and sufficient reasons why he should nevertheless be readmitted to practice law."

The board "took note" of a dissent from the original disbarment order opining that a lengthy supension was "a more appropriate sanction." The petitioner had experienced a number of tragic circumstances at the time of the misconduct and presented numerous character witnesses. He had housed as many as 80 volunteer ministers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Petitioner is 77 years old and wanted "to erase the disgrace he feels he brought upon himself and his family."

There is a dissent of three members who note that the reinstatement criteria "calls upon the Petitioner, even if unable to again pass the Bar, which is understandable, to demonstrate [current competence to practice law]...If one really wanted one's license back, it seems he would have done far more than Petitioner did in trying to carry his burden in the re-admission process." 

There is a problem with the link. You should be able to access the report at this link under the name Lawrence Sledge. (Mike Frisch)

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