Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get Mad, Get Even, Get Reprimanded

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers has publicly reprimanded an attorney who got a letter from Bar Counsel concerning his availability to testify against another attorney who practiced personal injury law in the same locale.

The two attorneys had "a long history of personal animosity, principally over the sharing of fees when clients shifted their cases from [the reprimanded attorney] to [the other attorney]."

The reprimanded attorney "redacted the address and salutation of the letter and then anonymously distributed it and a printout of information about [the] disciplinary proceeding to a number of chiropractors the whom the respondent did business." The "redactions made it appear that the [chiropractors who received the altered letters were being asked to give testimony at [the other attorney's] disciplinary hearing."

A hearing committee had found that the conduct "was intentionally false, deceptive, and misleading..." The board agreed. (Mike Frisch)


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