Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking News

The Indiana Supreme Court has held that Charlie White, who was elected to the position of Indiana Secretary of State, is not barred from taking office because he was ineligible to vote.

Here, the allegations of White's registration impropriety arose before the election and were made public by private citizens, the media, and by the Osili campaign and by the Democratic Party. It is likely that the average votor was aware that there were concerns about White's registration history at the time of the election, but we will not, on the basis of the present petition, judicially disenfranchise votors who went to the polls aware of what were at the moment only allegations. the fact that criminal charges were filed after the election and resulted in convictions (appeals still pending) does not alter that conclusion.

The court rejected the petition of the Democratic Party to bar Mr. White from taking office. (Mike Frisch)

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