Friday, February 10, 2012

Short Supension For Violating Domestic Abuse Court Orders And Other Misconduct

The Wisconsin Supreme Court imposed a 90 day suspension with conditions in a case where the attorney was subject to a domestic abuse order. tTe conditions include proof that he is established his sobriety.

He violated the conditions of a civil disposition that required him to stay away from his victim and not drink alcohol:

On February 24, 2007, Attorney G. had an altercation in his home with his then-wife, R.G.  On May 4, 2007, the state filed a criminal complaint...charging Attorney G. with disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse modifier in connection with the altercation.  On March 7, 2008, Attorney G. and the prosecutor entered into a post-plea diversion agreement, subject to acceptance by the court.  Attorney G. then entered a plea of no contest to the charges.  The court permitted Attorney G. to post bond.  The conditions of his bond included that Attorney G. maintain absolute sobriety and have no violent contact with R.G.  As will be discussed, Attorney G. failed to comply with both conditions.

...Attorney G. forced open a door to break into R.G.'s residence.  Attorney G. then took R.G.'s laptop computer and left a note in R.G.'s home stating, "It's nice to see all the things that you and your little friend can afford while you pay no bills.  That['s] all over for you.  All you had to do was be my wife but you couldn't and you will now have [] to pay."

Fond du Lac County sheriff's deputies contacted Attorney G. by telephone, and Attorney G. admitted he had been in R.G.'s home, left the note, and took the laptop computer.

To make matters worse, he also drove (and drank) on a suspended license and was convicted of misdemeanor bail jumping. To make matters even worse, he had the following record of prior discipline: three private reprimands, one public reprimand and two disciplinary suspensions that are presently in effect.

90 days? (Mike Frisch)

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