Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lost In A Flood

A public reprimand has been imposed by the Vermont Professional Conduct Board on the Assistant Clerk of the state House of Representatives. The clerk position does not involve the practice of law.

He is permitted an outside law practice, which he operates out of his home.  He accepted a referral in a probate matter and neglected it over a four-year period. During that period, he suffered the loss of his father and grandfather. The file was lost in a flood in his basement.

The board found that the lack of diligence and failure to communicate with the interested parties was serious. Neither the deaths or the flood were treated as mitigation factors. (Mike Frisch)

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That is taking negligence to a whole new level now, right? I feel sorry because of the deaths but it is still his responsibility and he should've known better.

Posted by: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney | Feb 9, 2012 10:04:48 AM

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