Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tennessee Judge Reprimanded

The Tennessee Court of the Judiciary issued a letter of public reprimand to a judge who had been the subject of three complaints.

One matter involved threats to a reluctant domestic assault victim to have her "handcuffed and arrested if she did not testify in a manner which [the judge] considered to be truthful."

A second matter involved a defendant sentenced on a number of traffic violations. The judge asked the defendant if he could pass a drug screen and said that if he failed, he would get two years in jail. The defendant said he could pass;  he flunked. The judge then amended the traffic charges to reflect a marijuana conviction without such a charge having been presented.

In the third matter, the judge revoked probation of a victim and two witnesses who were testifying under subpoena without providing counsel, a hearing or advice on their rights.

The letter states that ther judge has taken remedial steps to address the misconduct. (Mike Frisch)

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