Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love D.C.

Readers of this blog may recall my advocacy in favor of agreed, i.e., stipulated dispositions in the District of Columbia bar disciplinary system. Today the D.C. Court of Appeals approved four such proposed dispositions. It's a great day to be a member of the D.C. Bar.

Two of the cases involved petty theft matters.

In In re Nakell, the attorney stole two books from a North Carolina bookstore in the 1990s. The disciplinary case in North Carolina resulted in a finding that he had not engaged in dishonesty for personal gain (perhaps the books were part of a quest for self-growth?). He concealed the books in a newspaper and relinquished them when confronted. The court approved a stayed six-month suspension and probation for three years.

In re Royer involved the failure to pay for a $19 cab ride. After a remand to explore possible alcoholism, the court approved a suspension of 30 days, which the attorney has already fully served.

In In re Beane, the court approved the summary reinstatement of a suspended attorney. In In re Mance, the court approved a six-month suspension with fitness of an attorney with a prior disciplinary record for neglect and related offenses.

The opinions may be found at this link.

A great day! (Mike Frisch)

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