Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Client Too Many, One Insight Too Few

The Minnesota Supreme Court has imposed a public reprimand and probation of two years in a case involving an attorney's simultaneous representation of "a plaintiff and a third-party defendant in the same lawsuit; and...after withdrawing from representation of the third-party defendant client, continu[ing] to represent the plaintiff without obtaining written, informed consent to the former client."

The attorney also did not express remorse for his ethical lapse: "His brief to our court...demonstrates his lack of remorse. [He] not only persists in his assertion that no conflict of interest existed, but also cites as a mitigating factor Client B's 'deceit' and 'withholding material information.' This attempt to deflect blame highlights [his] lack of remorse and insight into his own conduct." (Mike Frisch)

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