Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inexperienced Attorney Gets Suspended

An attorney who undertook a series of criminal appeals despite his lack of experience and resulting errors has been suspended for 180 days by the Indiana Supreme Court:

Respondent admits to seven counts of misconduct following the same basic fact pattern. In October 2, 2006, Respondent indicated to the Allen County Public Defender's Office that he was available to handle criminal appeals. He was at the time very inexperienced in appellate law and did not undertake a study of appellate law that would enable him to handle criminal appeals. Over the course of about one year, Respondent was appointed to represent seven criminal defendants in their appeals. In these cases, Respondent committed numerous violations of the applicable appellate rules, characterized by the Court of Appeals as substantial, glaring, and flagrant. In one case, he told his client that the case could not be appealed because he had entered into a plea agreement when, in fact, the appeal had been dismissed for noncompliance with the appellate rules. He failed to heed warnings in the Court of Appeals' decisions pointing out his deficiencies and caused additional, unnecessary work for the Court of Appeals and the Indiana Attorney General.

The web page for the Indiana bar disciplinary system has a new look. (Mike Frisch)

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