Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cut And Run Leads to Disbarment

An attorney was disbarred by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for a number of ethics violations.

Among the violations was a criminal case against the attorney arising out of his jailhouse visit to a client. The attorney brought with him a glass vial that contained crack cocaine. A routine search revealed the vial and the attorney acknowledged that it contained a prohibited substance. He was arrested and "banned from the grounds of the Philadelphia Prison System."

Things went from bad to worse after he failed to appear. He was arrested on a bench warrant and released on electronic monitoring house arrest. After his motion to discharge from electronic monitoring was denied, he "cut the electronic monitoring bracelet and fled to Washington, D.C."

He was arrested in Arlington, Virginia and brought back to Philadelphia, where he pled guilty to a contraband offense and flight to avoid apprehension.

There is also this in the board's report:

Respondent sent vexatious and unsupported correspondence to the Central Intelligence Agency and White House accusing the CIA of wrongdoing. Respondent's correspondence...included correspondence concerning a rogue CIA agent who was controlling his thoughts, making him do illegal acts, causing him pain, preventing him from sleeping, and interfering with his legal work.

 I suppose that ban from the prison grounds no longer applies. (Mike Frisch)

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