Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Bar Result Notification" Service Available

A reader, Ari Schulman, sent me the following note.  I pass it along with no guarantees, endorsements, warranties, and use it at your own risk, but maybe it's helpful (there's a $3 charge for this service, which didn't sound outrageous to me):

I run a website called ClassPoint that provides a course planner, reviews, and other related services to college students. A couple of years ago, my sister was anxiously awaiting the results of her Texas bar exam, constantly checking the website -- starting a few days beforehand, since results are often posted early -- as were thousands of other people who had taken the test. I decided to write a program to monitor the bar results website so that I could be alerted as soon as the pass list was posted. My sister so enjoyed hearing the news right away that she had passed that she suggested I open up the service to the public -- which is just what I've done.
My hope is that this will allow people who are awaiting their bar results to relax on the day of and leading up to the announcement, instead of anxiously checking their computers and smartphones all day. The service will send an alert by email, text message, or both, within 60 seconds of the pass list going up. If users choose, the service can even tell them whether their name appears on the pass list.  The service, found at, is available for the upcoming July 2011 bar exam results in the states of Texas and New York, scheduled to be posted this week, as well as California, scheduled for November 20. (It's also available for Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio, which have already posted their results.) Other states that notify test-takers by posting a public pass list will be included in the future.

[Jeff Lipshaw]

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