Monday, November 14, 2011

A Florida Reprimand

A reprimand was imposed by the Florida Supreme Court against Larry Klayman arising from his representation of a client in a criminal matter. 

The client filed a bar grievance alleging that he had failed to provide the paid-for services. The matter was submitted to mediation and Klayman failed to comply with the terms of the mediation agreement. He "indicated that he was facing a very difficult financial situation but that he had every intention of honoring his agreement with [the client]." He was then unable to make the agreed payment by the agreed date.

When he then made a payment, the grievance committee determined that the matter should be closed without a probable cause finding.

He made two more payments but "did not make any additional payments at that time because of his claimed financial distress." After further correspondence from the Bar and a formal complaint, he made a payment in full satisfaction of the obligation.

Klayman accepted the reprimand, which was reported to the District of Columbia Bar. Consistent with present D.C. procedure, the Florida reprimand is available for review on the D.C. Bar's web page but not otherwise pursued as reciprocal discipline. 

The Florida reprimand may be accessed at this link by entering the name of the attorney. (Mike Frisch)

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