Monday, October 24, 2011

Resisting Arrest, Accepting Treatment

The South Carolina Supreme Court has imposed a public reprimand with conditions for the following misconduct:

In July 2007, respondent was arrested following an altercation with police officers at a bar.  In July 2011, respondent pled guilty to resisting arrest and was sentenced to pay a fine and complete community service.  Respondent paid the fine and is in the process of completing his community service. 

Respondent acknowledges the incident in July 2007 was a result of his use and abuse of alcohol.  With the assistance of Lawyers Helping Lawyers, respondent has been in treatment for substance abuse since the time of his arrest in July 2007.  The treatment has included in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation, active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, peer monitoring, and random testing for alcohol use. 

Among the conditions is a requirement to continue to work with the Bar's recovery program. (Mike Frisch)

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