Monday, October 10, 2011

Platinum Service

The New Jersey Supreme has admonished an attorney who was the victim of series of escrow account thefts over a three-year period. The attorney had failed to conduct reconciliations of the account that would have uncovered the thefts, which eventuallty totaled over $9,300.

The attorney got a notice that he was receiving Platinum Service automatic withdrawal from the escrow account. He inquired about the service and learned that it was set up by one Rhonda Lige. He did not know any such person. He moved his escrow account and contacted the police. For some reason not clear from the Disciplinary Review Board report, he failed to follow through with the criminal investigation.

He did borrow money from his parents to replenish the account.

The police charged Rhonda Coons AKA Rhonda Lige AKA Rhonda Lige-Coons AKA Rhonda Coons-Lige with various crimes. The escrow thefts at issue here were not the subject of the criminal case.

The court 's order requires him to reconcile his trust account on a monthly basis. (Mike Frisch)

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