Monday, October 17, 2011

Forced Draw

An Illinois attorney is the subject of a complaint alleging ethical violations.

One instance involves an accident that led to a DUI arrest and his failure to cooperate in providing evidence:

 At 4:30 a.m., West Dundee police transported Respondent to Sherman Hospital for a forced draw. At the hospital, Respondent refused to cooperate with a nurse who attempted to take his vital signs, and advised ER staff that he would not allow them to take blood or urine samples. ER staff advised Respondent that he would be restrained and catheterized to forcibly obtain blood and urine samples, at which time Respondent provided a urine sample and allowed for blood to be drawn, but informed staff that both samples were taken against his will. Respondent’s blood alcohol level would later be determined to be .249 g/dL. After providing the samples, Respondent was transported back to the West Dundee police station...

He also is charged with appearing in court and for an evaluation in the bar case while intoxicated. (Mike Frisch)

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