Wednesday, September 28, 2011

12 not 11

The Ohio Supreme Court has announced some rule changes that include modification of the rules governing pro hac vice admission.

 One rule remains the same:

One area of the Rules of Practice that hasn’t changed is the requirement that the text of all documents shall be at least 12-point, double-spaced non-condensed type.

Rule 8.4(A)(3) states: “The text of all documents shall be at least 12-point, double-spaced noncondensed type. Footnotes and quotations may be singled-spaced; however, they shall also be in 12-point, noncondensed type. As used in this provision, ‘noncondensed type’ shall refer either to Times News Roman type or to another type that has no more than eighty characters to a line of text.”

Kristina Frost, Clerk of the Court, said it’s important to issue a reminder from time to time to make sure documents are easy to read and comply with page limit requirements.

“We have noticed more and more documents submitted in 11-point type, which may be the result of a default setting on some word processing programs. We are encouraging attorneys to double-check the font size of documents they plan to file with the Court.”

This reminds me of the classic scene in This is Spinal Tap - when we need an extra push, we go to 11. (Mike Frisch)

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