Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Asking To Disbar Bar Prosecutor Is An Aggravating Factor

The Minnesota Supreme Court has imposed an indefinite suspension of no less than one year in a matter involving ethics violations in a number of matters over a three-year period.

Unlike many bar matters involving multiple violations in several matters, the problem was not neglect. To the contrary, the sins are those of commission not omission.

The attorney instituted frivolous claims and violated court rules in matters that included his own divorce. In one matter, he engaged in harassment of opposing counsel in a matter by repeatedly questioning her intelligence. In another, he improperly withdrew. He made numerous misrepresentations in the bar investigation and failed to cooperate.

The court rejected the attorney's various attacks on the findings of the referee.

The court lists a number of aggravating factors and finds scant mitigation. He "repeatedly requested that the assistant director assigned to the case be removed, fired, suspended or disbarred." The court did not look favorably on those suggestions.

Reinstatement is subject to a number of conditions. (Mike Frisch)

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