Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exposure An Educational Tool?

Ohio.com reports that the Akron Bar Association is seeking an order of suspension of an attorney. The attorney was arrested on charges of public indecency and has been declared incompetent to stand trial:

After his January arrest by Norton police, [the attorney] admitted exposing himself to two teens who were seeking a counseling referral for their underage drinking arrests.

[The attorney], founder of the Cafe 41:11 coffee shop for troubled teens, told investigators his actions were meant to be an educational tool and he had done it before in mentoring sessions.

Municipal Judge David Fish ordered a psychological evaluation, along with a 30-day treatment program at a mental health facility.

Last week, the misdemeanor charges were dismissed when Fish revealed in a court hearing that [the attorney's] competence had not yet been restored through treatment.

[The attorney] was immediately placed on house arrest, with orders not to leave his home except for court-approved appointments with his attorney or mental health workers.

Fish also ordered [him] to refrain from practicing law and to refrain from contact or communications with anyone outside his home.

(Mike Frisch)


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