Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teed Off In Crete

Disciplinary charges from the Illinois Administrator set forth the following alleged facts:

  On or about October 2, 2009, Barry Weiss ("Weiss"), Jeremy Holland ("Holland"), Brendan Donovan ("Donovan") and Raymond Baron ("Baron"), four employees of Northern Indiana Public Service Company, were engaged in a game of golf at Lincoln Oaks Golf Course in Crete, Illinois. At the seventh hole, Baron teed off, but his golf ball went wide and struck Respondent’s residence which adjoined the golf course.

When Baron retrieved his errant golf ball from Respondent’s yard, Respondent came out of his home and approached the foursome. Respondent then punched Weiss on the left side of his face and kicked him, resulting in facial injuries to Weiss and a broken set of eye-glasses...

The complaint alleges that the attorney was charged with and convicted of battery. The sentence included an evaluation for anger management. (Mike Frisch)


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