Thursday, August 11, 2011

D.C. Court Approves Consent Disposition

A hopeful sign from the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in a case decided this morning. The court approved a consent disposition in a matter involving 162 instances of double-billing on vouchers in criminal justice act appointments.

Although the case has a rather tortured history, the court now concludes that the consented-to sanction falls within the range of discipline imposed in comparable cases. The court imposed an 18 month suspension, with six months stayed and one year of probation.

The court had rejected a lesser proposed sanction in 2009. The court's earlier order of remand to the Board on Professional Responsibility and the board's response may be found here. You need to search by the name of the attorney.

As in all disciplinary matters, all's well that ends.

The decision can be found at this link. (Mike Frisch)

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