Thursday, August 11, 2011

Judge Suspended For Advocating Vigilante Justice

A justice court judge has been reprimanded and suspended for 270 days without pay for his conduct in actively participating in the indictment and arrest of a person ("A.B.") charged with a crime in which the victim was a relative of the judge.

The judge criticized the sheriff's office and interfered with the defendant's attempts to secure counsel.


On or about the 13th day of April, 2009, Respondent appeared at the public
hearing for acceptance of A.B.’s misdemeanor guilty plea and sentencing in
the Circuit Court of Alcorn County, Mississippi. The presiding Circuit Judge
allowed the Respondent to address the Court and the following was stated by
Respondent on the record and in open court:

I could assure you that if anything like this ever happened to
anybody that I know, my advice to them would be do not use the
court, handle it themselves.

I would like for everyone in this court to know that had I had
this to do over again we would never had went to a grand jury,
that we would have taken care of this down at Biggersville,
Mississippi, down on the farm like things should have been
taken care of.

A dissenting justice would impose the 120 day suspension proposed by the Commission on Judicial Performance.

The judge is not an attorney. (Mike Frisch)

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