Tuesday, July 19, 2011

License On ICE

The (very busy lately) Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging ethical violations as a result of a bribery conviction.

The alleged facts:

Starting on June 7, 1998, Respondent was employed as Assistant Chief Counsel by the Office of Chief Counsel, which was a department of the Office of Principal Legal Advisor, within the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"). As Assistant Chief Counsel, Respondent was responsible for arguing on behalf of the government in civil administrative deportation removal hearings and provided legal advice to the other components of ICE.

Between October, 2004 and June, 2008, Respondent and Maria Gabriela Kallas, his wife, utilized a recruiter, who sought out undocumented aliens and legal permanent residents and told the prospective clients that Respondent was a high-level immigration official who could help them obtain work authorization permits and permanent residency status for a fee. After the recruiter collected the required fee and documents, the recruiter delivered the fee and documents to Respondent and Respondent's wife. Respondent and his wife utilized two shell corporations to submit false information to the United States Custom and Immigration Service and the United States Department of Labor claiming that at least 45 undocumented aliens were being hired to occupy skilled labor positions in one the shell companies. Respondent also filed false documents for at least two permanent residents.

Respondent and his wife charged each alien between $10,000 and $20,000 for submitting the false documentation. Respondent and his wife collected amounts totaling at least $950,000 through their immigration scheme.

According to the complaint, the attorney was tried and convicted by a jury.

The Los Angeles Times had this coverage of the criminal case.(Mike Frisch)


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