Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Suspension Is Not Forever

The Minnesota Supreme Court has reinstated an attorney who had been suspended for at least three years in 2000 and an additional two years in 2002.

 The first case involved the following violations:

misappropriating client funds, fabricating and forging documents and making false statements under oath intended to conceal the misappropriation, submitting false police reports alleging that former clients who had filed an ethics complaint against him had burglarized his office and kidnapped him, and sending an anonymous threatening note to the district court judge assigned to hear the disciplinary proceedings with the intent to make it appear that the complaining former clients had sent the note...


The second case involved false statements to the court and to South Dakota in seeking bar admission and continuing to practice under a fictitious identity.


The petitioner must submit to periodic blood tests and other probationary conditions. He may not practice as a solo and must inform any firm that he practices with of the probation terms.  (Mike Frisch)

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