Monday, July 18, 2011

Not For Personal Use

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging misconduct that resulted in the attorney's guilty plea to charges of marijuana distribution.

The alleged facts:

1. Beginning in or about 2007, in approximately five transactions, Respondent purchased 108 pounds of marijuana from Oskar W. Sheldon.

2. In or before 2007, Sheldon obtained marijuana from outdoor and indoor "grow operations" that he ran jointly with others in northern California and through individuals in the state of Washington, and he sold most of the marijuana to customers, including Respondent, in California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. Sheldon used female couriers traveling on interstate highways to transport 100 to 200 pounds of marijuana at a time, and he then sent the proceeds of the sales back to California or Washington by way of money orders in large denominations shipped in bulk in express mail packages.

3. In October 2007, during the distribution of a one load of marijuana, Sheldon stayed at Respondent's property in Gary, Indiana, and stored several hockey duffel bags, containing a total of about 250 pounds of marijuana, in Respondent's garage. Before Sheldon distributed the marijuana, Respondent allowed Sheldon to keep the bags at Respondent's condominium in downtown Chicago. Respondent purchased 15 pounds of the marijuana contained in the bags. Afterwards, on a couple of occasions, Respondent sold a quantity of marijuana in Chicago for Sheldon.

4. In early November 2007, Respondent and an associate traveled to California to meet with Sheldon and make arrangements for delivery of marijuana to Chicago. At that time, they went to what was called the "chicken ranch," where they picked out quantities of marijuana from one-pound packages stored inside a chicken coop or shed.

He is also charged with failure to notify the Administrator of the conviction. (Mike Frisch)

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