Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here's a bar discipline case that even the Wisconsin Supreme Court can agree on. The court imposed consent revocation in a matter described in part below:

The petition for consensual revocation and the OLR's summary of the misconduct allegations against Attorney...state that there are 59 separate investigations pending against him.  The OLR's summary indicates that for each investigation there appear to be violations of multiple rules.  Thus, if a formal complaint were to be filed against Attorney..., there could apparently be scores or even hundreds of counts of professional misconduct. In addition to the underlying misconduct at issue in these grievance investigations, Attorney...would also be subject to multiple additional counts related to his failure to cooperate with the OLR's separate grievance investigations.

The court ordered restitution to a long list of former clients in an amount totalling nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

A per curiam decision without concurring or dissenting opinions. (Mike Frisch)

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