Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home From the Hill

A Pennsylvania attorney has consented to a two-year suspension for failures to disclose and misrepresentations with respect to information in his application to Albany Law School, transfer application to Rutgers Law as well in his Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bar applications.

The failures involved a series of incidents starting with his being caught smoking marijuana in 1995 while enrolled at The Hill School. As a result, he was expelled.

While an undergraduate at Washington & Lee, he was arrested twice for public intoxication. One matter also involved charges of public urination and indecent exposure. He was involved in an automobile accident for which he was sued. He also had 1997 and 2000 marijuana arrests and had failed to complete court obligations.

In the attorney's favor were a number of mitigating factors, in particular that he had self-reported the misconduct.

As we have often advised, disclose, disclose, disclose. If there is an omission on a law school application, advise your school and seek to amend well before seking bar admission. (Mike Frisch)

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