Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If It's Broke, Don't Litigate It

The Indiana Supreme Court ordered that a suspended attorney pay a $500 fine for practicing law in contempt of the suspension order.

The suspended attorney had a friend. The friend had a window broken in her home by two youths (or "Yutes" if you are a fan of My Cousin Vinny):

Vinny: Is it possible that the two youts--

Judge Haller: Uh, the two what? Uh, uh, what was that word?

Vinny: Uh, what word?

Judge Haller: Two what?

Vinny: What?

Judge Haller: Did you say "yutes"?

Vinny: Yeah, two youts.

Judge Haller: What is a yute?

Vinny: Oh, excuse me, Your Honor, two youths.

His unauthorized practice involved his efforts on behalf of the friend: "Even if [he] did not explicitly state that he was acting as his friend's attorney, this was the clear message that his actions conveyed." (Mike Frisch)

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Played by the gereat Fred Gwynn, whose career begain in "On the Water Front" and ended in "My Cousin Vinnie."

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