Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Hybrid Matter

In a hybrid case involving reciprocal and original discipline, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals has rejected the proposed suspension of a two-year suspension with fitness from its Board on Professional Responsibility. The court instead imposed a three-year suspension with fitness.

The attorney had practiced in North Carolina and relocated to the D.C. area. She sought admission to the D.C. Bar and falsely concealed disciplinary matters pending against her. The original charges involved the bar admission application. The reciprocal case related to the discipline eventually imposed as a result of the North Carolina bar complaints.

The court found that the board had focused only on the original matters and had failed to give sufficient consideration to the reciprocal violations.

Bar Counsel had sought disbarment. If you read the court's description of the undisputed facts (the attorney did not appear before the court; Bar Counsel argued against the board's executive attorney), you will understand why. (Mike Frisch)

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