Friday, April 8, 2011

"I Do What They Tell Me To Do"

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court accepted the consent disbarment of an attorney convicted of a series of felonies relating to his handling of drug money.

After the arrest of a client on drug charges, the attorney met with the client's mother. She brought $10,000 in cash. He told her to bring more and she returned with an additional $10,000. The mother saw the attorney meet with someone identified as "Money." Money was described as a male in his 30s with dreadlocks, wearing shorts and work boots. The attorney may have given some of the money to Money.

The mother cooperated with the police. She sought return of the cash, but was told by the attorney that the money belonged to a Texas drug cartel.  He further advised her that he was "on retainer to the cartel and that 'I do what they tell me to do.' " The attorney told her he had given the drug money to a drug dealer named Omar.

The client was later tried in federal court and represented by the Federal Public Defender. He was unaware of the fee arrangements as Omar had arranged to have the attorney represent him. (Mike Frisch)

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"money" best nickname ive heard this year

Posted by: steven | Apr 15, 2011 12:19:41 AM

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