Monday, March 14, 2011

Lacking Skills Training

The New Jersey Supreme Court reprimanded an attorney who had bounced an escrow check. The attorney made an accounting error when closing the account. He promptly restored the funds to make the check good. The District Ethics Committee found that "the overdraft resulted from an accounting error and not from [his] desire to enrich himself." He also had cooperated with the investigation.

The attorney was suspended in 2008 for failure to pay a fee arbitration award and non-payment of the client security fund assessment. He remains suspended.

The attorney had previously  been audited on a random basis in 2006 and not fully complied with recordkeeping obligations. He "testified that, at the time that he was admitted to the bar [in 1974], attorneys who had completed a judicial clerkship, like him, did not have to take a skills and methods course and that he was never made aware of his recordkeeping responsibilities." (Mike Frisch)

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