Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Katrina's Wake

A Louisiana hearing committee has recommended a public reprimand of an attorney who notarized four lawsuits initiated by a non-attorney "public adjuster." The suits brought insurance claims for damages sustained in Hurricane Katrina.

The attorney was employed as a law clerk in the summer of 2005 just after his admission to the Bar.

This was the only job he had had as an attorney. He was hired a few days before Hurricane Katrina. He evacuated to Dallas where he tried to figure out what his next step would be, and in April 2006 he returned to his job...he was routinely called upon to notarize in forma pauperis affidavits for plaintiffs.

The committee found he had notarized at least some of the affidavits at issue after learning that the adjuster was not an admitted attorney. He received no compensation and was motivated by a desire  to help victims of the Hurricane. (Mike Frisch)


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