Monday, February 21, 2011

Conditional Admission Granted

The Louisiana Supreme Court conditionally admitted an applicant who had withdrawn an application for admission in 2007 in light of information that he had not fully disclosed his criminal history in his law school admission application. The court noted that he had entered treatment for alcoholism and completed a year-long aftercare program. The court relied on the findings of a commissioner:

The commissioner made a factual finding that petitioner carried his burden of
proving rehabilitation not only from his alcohol-related issues, but also from the
lack of candor he demonstrated in his admitted omissions from his law school
application. Based on these findings, the commissioner recommended that
petitioner be conditionally admitted to the practice of law, subject to the terms and
conditions of his LAP agreement. Neither petitioner nor the Committee objected
to that recommendation.

The conditional admission involves a probationary period and compliance with conditions set by the Lawyers' Assistance Program. (Mike Frisch)

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