Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An "Extremely Stupid" Idea Gets A Reprimand

The New Jersey Supreme Court accepted the recommendation of its Disciplinary Review Board and reprimanded an attorney convicted of one count of tampering with public records.

In 2004, the attorney had stolen the identity of a college fraternity brother by applying for a driver's license in the frat brother's name. The matter came to light when the frat brother tried to renew his own license. The DMV had the attorney's phopo in its computer system. The frat brother recognized the attorney. The attorney claimed that he had had the frat brother's permission to obtain the license (although I would doubt that permisssion constitutes a defense).

The reason for his effort to get the license was that he was getting divorced and wanted the license so that he could date other women and "possibly check into a hotel room using the false identification." He realized that the idea was "extremely stupid" and left the DMV without completing the process of obtaining the license. Evidence also revealed that the frat brother had falsely denied contact with the attorney in the preceding 4-5 years.

The attorney has struggled with depression and had self-reported the misconduct. (Mike Frisch)

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