Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Way To Get Disbarred

The Minnesota Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney for running a prostitution ring. According to this report from WCCO, he had been charged with criminal offenses arising out of his involvement in operate a web site that advertised prostitution services. The attorney had served as an Assistant Hennepin County Attorney. He admitted the disciplinary charges and accepted disbarment. called the operation the "Nice Guy" prostitution ring. They reported that a police informant who used the service brought the operation to the attention of law enforcement. (Mike Frisch)

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no surprise there, as the legal profession has always banned solicitation.

Posted by: john steele | Nov 4, 2010 8:36:30 AM

Yet another uncontested decision.

Is prostitution "a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer"? The court doesn't say. Perhaps if he had short-changed his John's, then this would make more sense. Indeed, while prostitution is a crime in Minnesota, it isn't considered a crime in every jurisdiction. Obviously, the real crime here is embarrassing the judicial administration.


Posted by: FixedWing | Nov 4, 2010 1:02:16 PM

Here is another example of "stretching the law" to fit our own needs, much like the attorney who tried to write off his prostitute as a medical expense on his taxes.

Posted by: Pat Kershisnik | Nov 6, 2010 8:20:21 AM

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