Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On County Time

The Illinois Administrator has filed a disciplinary complaint against the former elected state's attorney of Christian County, Illinois. The complaint alleges his nomination petition for a circuit court judgeship was altered and contained false signatures and notaries. The complaint also alleges that he did political work on county time:

At all times alleged in this complaint, Christian County Ethics Ordinance 2004 CB 013 prohibited county employees from engaging in "prohibited political activity" during any time worked by or credited to the employee. The ordinance also barred county office holders from engaging in "prohibited political activity" on work premises or when the office holder was executing his or her official duties. County employees and officers were also barred from using County property or resources in connection with any "prohibited political activity." Prohibited political activity included, "initiating for circulation, preparing, circulating, reviewing, or filing any petition on behalf of a candidate for elective office."

On various occasions between June 8, 2009 and November 2, 2009, Respondent and [another employee] performed work related to Respondent’s campaign for judicial office during work hours in the State’s Attorney’s office. The work included typing information on nominating petitions, making telephone calls and notarizing circulators signatures on nominating petitions. Some of the work was performed using County equipment.

The State Journal-Register has a detailed report on the conduct at issue. The November 2009 article reports that the attorney withdrew from the judicial race (the alterations had to do with a switch of races) and had contacted the ARDC about the situation. (Mike Frisch)


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