Tuesday, September 21, 2010

User Friendly Bar

From the web page of the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Review Board:

The most used page at the Disciplinary Board’s Web site, www.padb.us, has always been the Attorney Search page. In the past, the page allowed users to search only for a single field, such as the attorney’s last name. This was a problem if the attorney you were searching for was named John Smith. You would have to work your way through 684 listings, 15 at a time, to arrive at the correct name.

This month, the Disciplinary Board rolled out a new version of the search which allows users to filter the database by any two fields, including first name, last name, county, city, or attorney ID number. Now, a search for “John Smith” can be narrowed down to a manageable list of 18 names. If you think there is an attorney named “Leonard” somewhere in Cumberland County, you now have a fighting chance of finding him. Users should also be aware that the search will yield all names that contain the search term. Thus a search for "Smith" will also display "Smithson" and "Goldsmith."

We hope this new enhancement will be more useful and efficient for those who rely on our site.

One of my (many) beefs with the D.C. Bar's web page is that you have to have the exact spelling of the attorney's name to get disciplinary information. At least the D.C. bar has a new and public-friendly feature-- you can now find the scheduled dates for proceedings before hearing committees and the BPR. Bravo for this improvement in access to information. (Mike Frisch)


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