Monday, September 6, 2010

Harassing Deputy DA Gets Two Year Suspension

A former deputy district attorney in Fresno, California has been disciplined in the wake of his conviction for identity theft. This report from KSEE24News quotes a press release from the Attorney General's office:

Brown Charges Deputy District Attorney With Stalking, Impersonation, Identity Theft

FRESNO—California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed felony charges against David Jones, accusing the Fresno County Deputy District Attorney of stalking, stealing the identity, and falsely impersonating his ex-girlfriend, Jane Doe.

“Jones stole his ex-girlfriend’s identity with the sole purpose subjecting her to vicious and sexually explicit harassment,” Attorney General Brown said. “This case demonstrates that identity theft is not just a financial crime anymore.”

The Attorney General’s Special Crimes Unit launched an investigation into Jones in October 2007 after discovering that he had constantly harassed Jane Doe from July 2006 through August 2007 and had stolen her identity. During this period of harassment, which included threatening phone calls and unwanted advances, Jones impersonated Doe on Internet singles sites where he solicited individuals to contact her for sex.

While impersonating Doe, Jones encouraged men to call her and meet her at a Starbucks near her home. Feeling concerned about her physical safety and the safety of her daughter, Jane Does reported the unsolicited contacts to local law enforcement.

In October, the Attorney General’s Special Crimes Unit joined the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation into Jones’s criminal activities.

The California Bar Journal summarizes the sanction:

[The attorney was] suspended for three years, stayed, placed on four years of probation with a two-year actual suspension and was ordered to prove his rehabilitation and take the MPRE. He will receive credit for the interim suspension that began Aug. 27, 2008. The order took effect Jan. 1, 2010.

Jones was convicted in 2008 of one count of impersonating someone. He harassed a woman by posting her picture and posing as the woman on two Internet sites where he solicited individuals to contact her for sex and to call her at work and at home. Some of the conduct occurred while he was a deputy district attorney. He was placed on paid administrative leave and later resigned.

In mitigation, he had no prior discipline record.

(Mike Frisch)

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