Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Party Leads To Proposed Suspensions

Two friends whose weekend party at a family summer home led to criminal convictions are the subject of an Illinois hearing board's recommendation for a 30 day suspension for one friend and a 60 day suspension for the other. The facts:

Sometime prior to August 5, 2005, Respondent A organized a weekend reunion at [his] family summer house in Green Lake, Wisconsin. On Friday, August 5, 2005, in preparation for the trip, Respondent A and Respondent B, picked up supplies to bring to the house, including alcoholic beverages such as beer, vodka, whiskey and spirits.

On the afternoon of August 5, 2005, and during the day-time hours of August 6, 2005, Respondent A and his friends spent their time socializing and drinking alcohol. On August 6, 2005, at around 11:00 p.m. Respondent A and his friends went to the Goose Blind, a tavern located in Green Lake, Wisconsin. There they consumed additional alcoholic beverages. At around 1:00a.m., on the morning of August 7, 2005, Respondent A and his friends arrived at another tavern, Berts, in Ripon, Wisconsin. There they consumed additional alcoholic beverages.

Shortly, before Berts closed, around 2:00 a.m., Respondent A met a woman, Dawn P, on the dance floor. After Berts closed, Respondents and P. were standing and talking outside the bar. P agreed to drive Respondents to Respondent A’s family summer house in Green Lake. At some point during the evening, while discussing their respective employment, Respondent B. told P that he and Respondent A were lawyers and handed P his attorney-at-law business card.

Respondents and P drove out of Ripon, heading toward Green Lake. P.was driving her car, Respondent A was in the front seat, passenger side, and Respondent Butler was in the back seat behind P. A few blocks from Respondent A’s Green Lake residence, P pulled her car into the boat landing and put her car in park.

On August 7, 2005, Respondent, while intoxicated, engaged in sexual activity with P while on the hood of a motor vehicle that was parked on a public boat ramp in Green Lake, Wisconsin. P later complained to police authorities. Respondent responded to the complaint by giving a full statement to the police without any legal counsel present.

A was convicted of felony endangerment and misdemeanor sexual gratification in public, B of  the felony endangerment. The hearing board proposes the 60 days for A and the 30 for B.

The hearing board characterized the misconduct as isolated acts of poor judgment.

This post and this post on the criminal case are from the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. (Mike Frisch)


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So the moral is

"Drink not - or Card Not"

That is "the" question!

Posted by: Laser Haas | Aug 3, 2010 4:20:14 PM

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