Saturday, July 10, 2010

Witness Tampering Conviction

An attorney who was convicted of federal offenses involving tampering with a witness was suspended for five years by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The attorney was retained to represent a defendant charged with bank robbery. The client wanted to cooperate and offered to set up a purported Mafia figure in a drug deal. A co-defendant in the bank robbery matter was visited in jail by the attorney, without notice to or permission from that person's counsel. The conviction of the attorney related to his attempts to arrange a false story in order to reduce his client's legal exposure. Federal authorities did not believe the story and wired the co-defendant when the attorney again visited him without telling his counsel.

The underlying criminal matter was the attorney's first federal criminal trial (presumably his second case had his name in the caption). He has a single state DUI jury trial prior to the underlying case, although he had ten years experience at the Bar. (Mike Frisch)

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