Friday, July 23, 2010

Former County Attorney Stripped Of Law License

The former County Attorney of Cherokee County has been disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court as a result of his federal criminal conviction. KAKE ABC 10 reported on the charges:

The Cherokee County Attorney has been indicted for extortion - alleging Michael Goodrich received money and favors from a strip club.

An federal indictment returned Wednesday alleges Goodrich received money and favors not due to him from the owner and employees of a Sensations Gentleman's Club in Galena.

Goodrich also allegedly tried to intimidate Assistant County Attorney Garth Adams into lying to investigators.

Goodrich faces a total of four charges.

Twenty-nine-year-old Timothy Schooley of Baxter Springs also is
charged with one count of extortion for allegedly serving as a go-between between the club and Goodrich.

News Release from AG's Office:

Michael L. Goodrich, 47, Baxter Springs, Kan., is charged with two counts of extortion, one count of wire fraud and one count of intimidating a witness. Co-defendant Timothy J. Schooley, 29, Baxter Springs, is charged with one count of extortion.

Goodrich is the County Attorney of Cherokee County.
"The indictment alleges that Mr. Goodrich received money and favors not due to him from the owner and employees of Sensations Gentleman's Club in Galena, Kan.," said U.S. Attorney Eric Melgren. "Mr. Goodrich also is charged with attempting to prevent Assistant County Attorney Garth Adams from giving a truthful statement to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

According to an indictment returned Wednesday by a grand jury meeting in Wichita:

- Goodrich unlawfully obtained money and favors from Hai Ching Ying, the owner of Sensations Gentlemen's Club, and from Tom Dekeyser, the manager of the club. The crimes are alleged to have occurred at various times from Jan. 1, 2005, through September 2007, in Cherokee County, Kan.

- Schooley approached Jason Carsley, an assistant manager of Sensations Gentlemen's Club, to ask for money to be used for the waitresses and dancers at the club. Carsley obtained permission from the owner and/or manager of the club and gave money belonging to the club to Michael Goodrich.

- Goodrich received money and property from Sensations Gentlemen's Club in exchange for favorable and preferential legal treatment for the owner, manager and employees of the club.

- On March 29, 2007, Thomas Dekeyser, manager of Sensations Gentleman's Club, called Michael Goodrich for the purpose of discussing future preferential legal treatment to be given to Dekeyser for a traffic ticket received March 29, 2007. Goodrich dismissed the ticket on June 4, 2007, without Dekeyser paying any fines or costs.

- On July 9, 2007, Goodrich attempted to intimidate Assistant Cherokee County Attorney Garth Adams in an effort to alter a truthful statement that Adams was planning to give to FBI agents.

This report from notes that he was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison. (Mike Frisch)

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