Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For The Sake Of The Children

The Louisiana Supreme Court imposed a fully deferred suspension of a year and a day in a matter arising out of an attorney's dispute with a public school attended by her child in the 2004-05 academic year. The attorney "repeatedly violated the rules and regulations established by [the school] and the School Board regarding a visitor's presence at the school." In dropping off and picking up the child, the attorney entered and exited the school's bus zone area. Two incidents at the school led to police involvement and a misdemeanor conviction for resisting arrest. A two year term of probation was imposed for the conviction.

The attorney was a law student at the time of the incidents and was admitted in 2006. She thereafter was found in violation of the terms of probation in entering the school premises three times without authorization. The probation was terminated as "unsatisfactorily resolved."

The court here found that the attorney acted knowingly in violating her probationary terms. While the court did not impose an active term of suspension, the attorney must submit to an examination by a licensed health care professional and submit monthly reports of compliance if treatment is ordered. (Mike Frisch)

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