Friday, June 11, 2010

Drinks On A Plane

The Kansas Supreme Court has imposed a stayed one-year suspension and probation for two years in a case involving an attorney's alcohol issues. After drinking to excess at a lunch, a partner drove him home. The attorney's partners got him into a treatment program and, when he returned to work, required him to enter into a contract that "greatly limited his ownership interest in the firm if he continued to drink."

He did continue to drink. He consumed a fifth of vodka on his way to the Kansas City International airport and continued to drink on the plane. He was "rather disruptive" and was met by security while getting off the plane. He was arrested for misdemeanors but then damaged a window in the police car, which drew a felony beef. The felony charge was dismissed when he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charges. The firm fired him after the arrest.

He entered into a sobriety contract with the Bar,  but continued to drink. He was terminated from the Bar's program but avers that he has been sober since September 2009. The probation requires that he maintain sobriety and be subject to a practice monitor. (Mike Frisch)

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