Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Girl, Don't You Know..."

An Assistant District Attorney for Orleans Parish, Louisiana is the subject of a proposed reprimand by a disciplinary hearing committee. The matter arose out of a check bounced off a lifelong friend of the ADA. She agreed to help the friend try to resolve the dispute over the $375 check.

The attorney visited the premises of the checkwriter and returned the rubber check. The checkwriter advised the attorney that she would honor the obligation and gave her $200. Then, the attorney said:

Girl, don't you know that you shouldn't be writing bad checks...Well you know, I'm an assistant district attorney and you can't be doing those kind of things.

The attorney stipulated that the statements violated Louisiana Rule 8.4(a), (d), and (g). The State Attorney General's office declined to file criminal charges in the matter. (Mike Frisch)


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