Monday, May 10, 2010

Breaking News

No, this blog does not have an inside track on the next nomination to the United States Supreme Court. Nonetheless, reliable sources have informed me that Glenn Grossman has been selected as Maryland Bar Counsel.

Glenn follows Mel Hirshman, who is retiring after over twenty five years of dedicated service to the legal profession both in Maryland and around the country. Mel serves on the editorial board of the Lawyers' Manual of Professional Conduct and is a former President (and longtime stalwart) of the National Organization of Bar Counsel.

Glenn has long served as Deputy Bar Counsel and will maintain the high professional standards of the Maryland Bar Counsel. I have had the pleasure of working with Glenn for many years and am gratified that his hard work and professionalism has been recognized by his elevation.

Mel has been a friend and mentor to me as well as countless others. Best wishes to him go along with my admiration for him as a lawyer and a person. (Mike Frisch)

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