Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Unable To Properly Manage His Busy Law Practice"

The Supreme Judicial Court of Maine ordered a six-month stayed suspension with conditions and stated that any failure to adhere to the conditions may be treated as contempt "and further post-judgment proceedings."

The attorney was admitted in December 2003 and "has primarily worked as a solo practicioner with a concentration on criminal defense and family law. In the course of this proceeding, it has become apparent to the Court that [he] proved unable to properly manage his busy law office." The court previously ordered him to restrict his practice to criminal matters and be monitored by another lawyer. After that order, there have been further client complaints, although there were two bar referrals from a District Attorney's office. Those matters were resolved.

The court here continued the "criminal law only" restriction and required approval of his undertaking employment outside his practice by his monitor and the bar's assistance program director. He must also participate in the bar's program. (Mike Frisch)

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