Friday, January 8, 2010

That's Incredible

A Louisiana Hearing Committee recommends disbarment of an attorney for found to have engaged in a variety of unethical acts. A client who was cooperating with authorities gave information that led to a search of the lawyer's offices and seizure of his computer and software. The criminal case against the attorney was resolved by an agreement to cease practice for 18 months. The committee found he had engaged in criminal conduct and lied under oath at the bar hearing about it.

Other misconduct involved an unexplained escrow overdraft and failure to respond to disciplinary counsel's subpoena for the trust account records. Another involved threats that the lawyer had made to a client who complained about the quality of his services.

Last but by no means least was the battery inflicted upon his 74 year old father when he was took a two gallon gasoline can from the father's premises without permission. He pushed his father to the ground and broke his finger when the father tried to retrieve the can.  Surgery and a painful recovery resulted. The attorney claimed he had permission from his now-deceased mother. The hearing committee accepted the father's testimony about the incident and found the lawyer generally incredible. (Mike Frisch)

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