Monday, December 7, 2009

Fit To Practice

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has reinstated an attorney who had been suspended for three years retroactive to a suspension imposed in December 2005. The attorney had "suffered from a long term addiction to hydrocodene, which she began taking in 1999 while studying for the bar exam." The addiction led to an arrest on controlled substances charges. She then was convicted of DUI and sentenced to a jail sentence. After release, she was again arrested and convicted of drug charges and identity theft and sentenced to a second prison term.

The attorney was visited in prison by a representation of the Bar's Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program. She had remained sober since that January 2004 visit and been employed as a paralegal at a law firm. She also has volunteered to help current and former inmates with addiction problems. The Disciplinary Board concluded that she had met the burden of proving fitness. The court here adopted the board's recommendation. (Mike Frisch)

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