Friday, December 11, 2009

General Decline

A Louisiana hearing committee has recommended a three-year suspension of an attorney described as "one of the most prolific bankrutcy lawyers in the Middle District [of Louisiana]." Admitted in 1971, the attorney had been charged (in one count) with misconduct associated with the general decline in the quality of his practice begining around April 2003 and continuing until he was suspended by the federal bankruptcy court for the Middle District of Louisiana in May 2007:

The totality of the evidence indicates that this period of time roughly coincides with the period of time during which [the attorney] was practicing by himself and was utilizing the services of his an assistant. It also coincides with the time frame in which [he] was issued numerous "show cause" orders...relative to [his] bankruptcy cases in that court.

The committee also considered case-specific charges in other counts. (Mike Frisch)

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