Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sadly Clear

A Virginia State Bar subcommittee has approved an agreed disposition of a public reprimand with terms. The matter involved allegations against an attorney who had certified bar complaints against a lawyer named Green. The attorney had represented Green in bar matters several years prior to joining the bar's disciplinary subcommittee, where he certified the bar charges against Green.

After Green was suspended for 18 months, he "asserted in multiple bar proceedings that the imposition of the 18 month suspension and his entire disciplinary record were void due to [his former lawyer's] participation..."

Respondent was retained by Green and sent a letter asserting Green's contentions and notifying the former lawyer that if he did not comply with certain demands "it will be clear, sadly, that you have illegally and unethically conspired to destroy [Green], personally and professionally." Respondent admitted that he knew that Green's contentions were false. He conceded a violation of Virginia Disciplinary Rule 3.4 (fairness to opposing parties and counsel).   (Mike Frisch)


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Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks as though Pollack was to send Richardson a letter of apology by September 15, 2009, yet notice of the Subcommittee Determination telling him that wasn't mailed to Pollack until September 28, 2009. Maybe he's supposed to be telepathic, since the Bar would never make a mistake.

Posted by: sardis12 | Oct 30, 2009 6:34:49 PM

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